Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Welcome to PT Richfield Marine Indonesia

We are actively engage in all shipping entity services in the heart of the Indonesian shipping industry and have built ourselves an excellent reputation for delivering the most efficient and cost effective shipping services to the highest degree at all times.

Our shipping entity services including both containerized and break-bulk shipping and our personnel are trained with many years of industry experience to handle sales and marketing, cargo operations, documentation, port agency operations, equipment control etc and the usage of computerization system.

Currently we are representing well and long established shipping companies in Indonesia for Speeda Lines under the publicly-listed Richfield Group based in Singapore, and Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics which is a state-owned corporation.


Speeda Lines offer full containerized service from North Asia Ports to Southeast Asia and to Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East Ports as an operator.

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics offer full containerized service, ro/ro and break-bulk from all Far East and Southeast Asia Ports to Addis Ababa and Inlands via the Port of Djibouti.

PT Richfield Marine Indonesia head office situated at Jakarta with branch offices at Surabaya, Semarang, Belawan and Bali.


PT Richfield Marine Indonesia offers a comprehensive shipping agency service and can tailor to meet your requirements in all aspects with cost effective. We look after all your requirements and ensure efficiency, effective and reliable services are provided to our Principals, shippers and consignees having entrusted their business to us and we assure will take care to the best interests always.